He is Forever

These photos are taken in front of our house.
Today vs Yesterday



God reminds me that He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


We may have different struggles every day,
We may have different stories in life,
But still we have the same source of love, and strength to live each day,
and that is from the Lord,
For He provides our daily needs.

You’re Greatly Blessed,
Glory To God.

He embrace me

Lord, thank you for embracing me,

 In times of troubles and hardships,

For You are the one I need in my life,

Thank you for giving peace in my heart,

After I cried out everything to You,

For You are the Only One who knows my heart,

And whatever may come in my way,

 I will always trust in You,

There’s nothing I should fear

But only You GOD,

The one who knows the number of my hair.






You’re Greatly Blessed,
Glory To God.

The Battle

The battle that already been won
2,000 years ago.
Don’t allow that your heart will be troubled nor be afraid
Just recognize the right enemy
Fight that enemy
and cast out in Jesus name.


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