My MAY Blooms

I thank God for the provisions and opportunities that He allows during this month. Unexpectedly amazing!

Each photo tells itself.

A photo collage of how important every people I meet in life or who are the people in your life.

God used them in order for me to grow in life.

My parents. They’re supporting me in my walk in the LORD. Already told them of what God wants from me. They maybe loud sometimes but God is doing something in their hearts that only God alone knows.

Cousins. All of us are eldest but I’m the eldest among us haha. Grateful to the blessings that God is pouring His blessings out into our hearts. We got even more closed to each other because God is working into our lives.

Connected by God and now growing the friendship uniquely and amazingly. We got an intimate retreat at the beach and God did a amazing inner healing to each one of us.

Surrounded with very humble people. They’re older than me Haha.. I thank God for this opportunity to be in the same table with them.

How God works in our lives? It’s through the people that He choose to be connected with us.

All Glory to God!

In my journey back to the book of John

I never really know what the result of this will be, but starting over is really good for me.
It’s refreshing to go back to where I first met and knew Jesus Christ.
It teaches me to humble my heart, to rethink, and to reevaluate my journey with Christ.
For this I know – He is the only one who knows the real status of my heart.
I may have failed Him once but this time I think no more of failing, but only of progressing.
I have a lot of deep thoughts that I wanted to share, but those will be for another time.

You’re Greatly Blessed,

Julpha Jean Olinao/02-08-19; 22:40pm/Philippines

Glory To God

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