I am no one but I have a story to tell the world

This is my story

                                “Who I am right now has a story and purpose behind it.” – J.J
As my  dreams start with this;

I am at the point that I am about to give up. I’m losing hope. I don’t know where my hope is.  I do really think that I don’t have any chance to go to college anymore. Just imagine that I am already two years out of school youth. Well, I graduated elementary on time and my high school but sadly, I can’t go to college because my parents cannot afford it. So, after my high school. I stopped for two years. I was just at my Aunt’s house helping her. And then, my heart crashed seeing my batch mates they’ve already graduated college and yeah! They can pursue their dreams.  I do felt that I am left behind.

One time, I cried out to GOD and asked Him that LORD is my life stays like this?  Is this really the end of everything? Is this really Your plan for me? and I said that LORD I do really want to go to college. I wanted to finish it.

Hearing those negative people around me that I’ll just end up married and that’s it nothing else. That’s how the other people always told me before.

After that moment, I felt the HOPE really came  back into my heart because God gave me this verse;
Yeeeahh! So, after a few weeks, I started to inquire in CENTRAL MINDANAO UNIVERSITY even though I don’t have any assurance to get in that college. ( It’s my dream school since elementary )

Thank GOD. In the next day, my father called me to come back home because there’s an opportunity for him to work abroad and he will send me to college.

And me like Whaaaattt? LORD Is this true? I cried out to HIM with a grateful heart. It’s really unexpected and I cried with joy in my heart.

Then, I got my entrance exam in CMU sadly, my result is failed but because I do have only 5 points left the Administration put me in as PD students. PD means the administration will be the one to pick your course. ( Anyway, way back in my high school year I passed the entrance examination in CMU but the exam result has only 1-year validity).

Fortunately, the Administration has the right to choose my course and they put me in the FOOD BUSINESS MANAGEMENT  Major in FOOD PROCESSING OPTION.  Well, I am so thankful to GOD because HE did put me in a course where I am really fitted in.

YEhheey! My college starts with full of hope and joy and with the banner of my favorite verse the JEREMIAH 29:11.  Thank you LORD for all the wisdom and knowledge cause I really thought that I can’t understand the lessons anymore because of my stagnant knowledge hehe, but I am very grateful because I always have an ACADEMIC SCHOLAR because of my  very good grades and then it helped to my parents because once you’re an academic scholar your tuition will be less.

Indeed, Our Lord is faithful because in our test permit there’s always a verse of Jeremiah 29:11. Every hope and joy in my heart well, I always passed the examinations.

Very truly our God is always faithful. Yes, He let me graduated on time but not just that also my parents even though they’re far from each other they getting more sweeter and sweeter every day.  ( As they get older they get sweeter ).

Yes, there’s no perfect family but GOD provided us with what we have right now because I know what we have before like when I’m studying during night time I got my eyebrow burned because we’re just using a candle. We don’t have electricity before.

That’s why to my mother and my father. Thank you so much for everything. I may not be a good daughter sometimes but I tried and still, I will try to be one for the both of you. And to my brother even though we’re like cats and dogs but I am here for you. You’re one of the reasons too why I got this far because I want to buy a drum set for you and also a DJ set soon HEhe.

I am very thankful to the people who were part of my journey who helped me and taught me financially, morally, Spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Family, Relatives, Friends, Classmates, Friends of Friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I am so grateful to have you all. I can’t mention you all but in my prayers, you are all mentioned but with my prayers is how I can pay for all your goodness. 

I bring back all the glory and honor to GOD.
I graduated college last June 2017.
4 years of endurance.
Do not lose hope.
Nothing is impossible.


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Forgiveness is Unlimited

God offers forgiveness for everyone everywhere.

Ah! Love this photo from Pinterest.

These words engraved in my heart

Because I’m a coffee lover and I found this photo with a great meaning in every letter.

Ah! Love this.

Anyway, God thought me about forgiveness.

He thought me on how to forgive even to someone that I thought before who don’t deserve forgiveness.

I wanted to share the true story of mine behind it but I just can’t for now but yeah, maybe in the future.

God is our savior.

I am just so grateful because He forgives us with our sins.

When you forgive someone who hurt you:

it will give freedom in your heart.

It will gives joy in your heart

it will give healing in your life.

it will give peace to everyone.

When you forgive you are forgiven too.

Always remember that forgiveness is not limited

It is unlimited.



God is the best architect

He created wonderful things

The things that surround us

Even you, Yes you!

You are His masterpiece

Don’t waste your life

He created you not for waste

He created you in order to give you life

He molded you to represent His image

So, don’t destroy your image

You are His masterpiece darling,

Don’t waste your life because you are created with a purpose – jjo

A perfect love that step down the ground

You are perfectly love

You are precious

You are amazing

Opps! Anyway,

Do you believe in what I said?


there’s A king who visited the village and He saw a peasant woman.

When the King went back to His kingdom. He can’t understand what does He feels

He doesn’t want to eat because of that peasant woman.

He can’t forget that peasant woman

Oh no! His in love with that peasant woman

But sadly, the only way to see that woman again is to give up everything that He has.

He immediately decided to give up everything just to be with that peasant woman.

And now, He is not a king.

He went to the village and He started to find that woman in order to be with her without the assurance if that peasant girl loves Him too.

( I forgot where I heard this story but this is my favorite story to share with everyone )


That’s how Jesus Christ loves us. He gave up everything for us. He gave up His life in order to have a life.

He loves us so perfectly

He saw us amazingly

He went down here on earth in order to save us from our sins.

He gave up everything for us to have everything.

Remember if you let Jesus Christ enter your heart. You will have everything because of Christ is everything.

Remember that God is love.

(c) photo from Pinterest



For me, every day is a blessed hearts day

Yeah, I thank God for today.
Thank God for touching my heart
Then, I have a great and very successful day.
So peaceful and happy and you know like everything that surrounds you are the people who have a good heart.
Today is a very humbly and forgiving day for me.
And also, for the blessings that we received 
I thank God for providing for us
Talking with people, smiling and laughing with them, sharing good thoughts, giving surprise gifts to each other.
And also, I am so thankful for the persons who prayed for me
I am very humble to open up to them  and ask to pray for me 
I am very grateful to have them in my life
soooo great day! yeah. I am done with my blessed work today. I need to go home

Allow Him ❤

If everything in your heart is heavy

If you just feel is a pain

Then, pour it out to God what is in your heart

It is not a weakness.

It shows that you trust God in all things in your life

And letting Him be in control of everything.

Allow God to be in control in your life. -jjo

Blessed hearts everybody.


I’m happy about seeing the rain.

Playing under the rain is what I like

I miss it

Do you miss it too?

Do you feel the raindrops?

Each drop counts.

Every smile matter.


The thoughts

A very toxic thing you’ll gonna do is when you compare yourself to others but what if someone is comparing you to others?

Well, it’s hurt and does not even helping. It just giving some pain and doubtful thoughts in yourself.

Need to avoid those people who are like that? but no my heart speaks they need prayers. Their heart is hurting that’s why they’re like that.

Stop comparing just bless others – jjo

(c)photo from pinterest

Today is a….

Today is a very hectic day for me.

By 2 pm, I went to work & I thought everything was good but not.

Due to those things, I just end up disappointed and hurt.

Well, working in food manufacturing is not easy. You’re dealing with different people and with a different department.

I don’t know what to do.

We need to be updated to our supervisor and manager every day, who are assigned to a far far away of northern Philippines.

We have daily monitorings, daily receiving, daily in-house laboratory test etc.

Monthly reports whom I need to teach my co-QAs regarding these things.

And I went home by 11 pm.

And nothing remains at me because all of my energy was used up.

But still, I am grateful to God of today’s experience.

(c) photo from Pinterest

Real Joy

The time that I am far from the love of God I was miserable. I thought there’s happiness in this world. Seeing this world as it’s the most beautiful place.

BUT I was wrong.

We know there’s happiness but there’s greater than that

We know that the world is a beautiful place but it is not.

There’s more than,

And the time that I encountered God that’s the time I feel the real joy.

And the most beautiful here on earth are His people because the great treasure of the Lord is you. That’s why He wants your heart. He wants you.

Thus, God is the source of joy.


(c) photo from Pinterest

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