Dreaming like no one is around
Counting the stars like there’s no tomorrow
Hearing the night breeze like someone embracing
Love this moment
No one stops you

I’ll meet them all soon

The mother kangaroo meets a baby kangaroo

Roaming around the city,
Doesn’t really care to the poeple watching her.
She just fine and tall
She just calm and fall
falling, failing, waiting
She keeps wondering
I don’t want this
I want blue and greenish

Hungry in the middle of the unknown,
Noise and big houses
Mum where are you?
you don’t love me anymore?
crying under the rain
Walking in the grain.

Wondering, what place it is.
Saw someone like a 6 feet tall
And they meet underneath the tree
Hug and put into her tummy and carry safely.

The Careless Car

The careless car

The careless car drives so fastly
Doesn’t matter if where it goes
As long as the careless car wanted to focus and just to take forward
Fastly and strongly
The careless car don’t want to hurt anyone but sadly, others got hurt
Driving unknowingly where to go and when to stop
The careless car got hurt
Still the careless car continues driving until the careless cars meets the final journey
Then the final journey got the careless car’s attention then the careless car stops
And said, this is what I wanted to be in my life.
Been looking for you.
But the final journey is just silent
And said, I’ve been very careless just to meet you.

= thoughts that’s keep running in my mind =


Do you love to write?
or even loves to share your wonderful thoughts?,
But if you already started it then that’s good.
Expressing your thoughts and sharing your passion is a very healthy thing to do,
Because unknowingly your helping others too.
But when there are times that you feel like you are in an empty space,
with an empty thought and empty words.
Well that’s alright,
Sometimes even if you take a rest in writing or blogging,
Your passion is still there.
It wasn’t gone.
It stays forever in yur heart. It suits you ad even blooms you.
That’s how I define the YOU.

P.S. To the one who is reading this. ❤

Overcome it All

Whatever temptation you are experiencing this time,

Others experience it too.

However, God will show you the way out.

God knows you cam over come that temptation,

but its up to your choice,

you will say yes to that or no?

“We can overcome all temptations of this world”

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