Devotion, God got you

Devotion102: Reading Matthew Chapter 4-5

Everything begins in the heart

‘But He answered and said, It is written, man shall not live by bread alone,
But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God’ Matthew 4:4

Jesus Christ is perfect and worthy of our praises

The devil is the deceiver.
Even Jesus Christ the devil attempt to deceive Him but he failed.
The devil is no more anymore in our lives.

Upon understanding, the scripture explains everything that we should live daily not by bread alone but also by the word of God.

It is something like this, we eat our food daily so it should also do the same with the word of God. ‘DAILY’ for it is the only weapon that could defeat the devil.

In addition, let’s always be straight to the point if Yes for yes and No for no.
Also, be the salt seasoned by the word for the Lord, not by the word of the world.

Moreover, be the light for others where that light shines in our hearts. And our hearts are really important to our Lord for where the true beauty resides and only His word beautify it.

Then, marriage is not just a paper but it is very very sacred.

And lastly, pray all the people. Take note ALL.
Always be lead by the Holy Spirit.
Everything begins in the heart.

Dear Lord, please prepare the hearts to those who you wanted to read this passage.
Also, prepare my heart and body for every battle we may face.
Lord, I’m really sorry for failing You so many times.
But this time, I am very eager to continue what You’ve planted in my heart.
I humble my self that I cannot do anything without you so help me God and not just to understand your word but also to live by it.

Bring Back all the Glory and Honor to the Lord

Devotion, God got you

Devotion 101: Reading Matthew 1-3



And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for He will save His people from their sin. Matthew 1:21


Upon reading the chapters 1-3 of Matthew, observed the obedience of Mary and Joseph where they listen carefully and follow what was the angel in their dreams said.

Their obedient hearts made the will of God fulfill easily of what He wants.

Upon understanding, the evil was already scared of the arrival of Jesus that’s why he planned to find Jesus and to kill, however, he failed.

Note: Satan is a failure since the beginning, he is the failure not us the sons and daughters of God.

”And Only our Savior is victorious”

The humbleness of Jesus is that when He was baptized by John in the river of Jordan.

Moreover, in the beginning Jesus Christ is really for us.

To save us and to free us from being bondage of our sins which the the sins that causes us from being apart to the Lord.

And Jesus Christ gave us the light from being staying in the darkness and wilderness.

For Jesus Christ is the light.

Jesus Christ is for you and me. He died on the cross for you 2,000 years ago.

The day that He died on the cross. ”One of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out” John 19:34

That spear went immediately into His heart. His heart was broken in order for us our hearts will never be broken and will never be hurt. He allow that to happen in order for us to save from our sins and remember that the Lord is sinless and blameless. It should be us on that cross because of our sins but no because of the Love of the Father.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life – John 3:16

Is it obvious guys? Jesus Christ for you and me. In order for us to have eternal life.

A life that God’s promise to every one of us to those who believed.

Jesus is asking you to repent. NOW!

It is not too late.

Remember He is our Savior, He is our redeemer, He is the Lord of Lords.

Application: My application is only me and God knows but you can add your own application just in your heart.


Lord, Your name is reigning forever and ever.

Let their hearts, ears and souls be open to You.

And Let Your will be done. Amen!

P.S. My application is between only me and God but anyway I believe we do have our own application also. Then, you can add your own application you can write it down or anything you want. God Bless!

I’m in a 21 and more days of reading the New Testament starting Matthew with the purpose of #BackFromYourTrueLove. The more I am eager and willing to understand more the word of the Lord. The more I wanted my self to be ready and prepare and also my family. This is the moment for double time. 20 days to go and more! 🙂 🙂

Devotion, God got you


His glory is forever and ever reigning, 
His light is forever shining to those who see,
His voice is forever be heard to those who listen,
His mercy is for everyone who accepts it,
He is forever and no one replaces Him in our hearts.

We may be failed sometime during our journey,
But assured you. He gives chances to those who are willing to repent.

I don’t know what’s we may face in the future,
And no matter what it is,
Let’s prepare and be ready.

Everything that He wants us to do is in the Bible,
It is written,
Let’s have time to read, NOW!

God got you, inspirational

Simple letters to all the front liners and to you

Simple letters to all the front liners and to you

To our Leaders:

Sir/Maam, how are you feeling today?
Does anyone ask you with this question?
Please let them know how you’re feeling.
Your simple answer will be a good relief to them.

Sir/Maam, do you still eat on time?
Please don’t forget because lots of people need you
Sir/Maam, do you till get enough sleep?
Please don’t you forget that there’s still a tomorrow
which is full of hope. Your family also needs you.

To our President Rodrigo ‘Tatay Digong’ Duterte:
Tay, naa rami sa imung likoran, naka suporta ug naga-ampo para sa imoha.
To our Doctors and Nurses:
Doc ug Nurse,
Please don’t forget to eat and get enough sleep.
We need you. We cannot fight this virus without you.
I don’t know how it feels when you’re really in front of a patient who has CoViD-19,
but one thing I know is that it’s very risky to be there. Please don’t forget to take care of yourselves as well.

‘Kung luyahan mo, duol lang kay Lord andam Siya 24/7 mo hatag ug dugang kusog ug pglaom.’
To our Policemen and Military:
Sir/Maam, are you tired of standing in the checkpoint posts?
Please don’t forget to get your leg and your back some rest.
Take a minute to sit down and relax. Please always have an umbrella or cap to cover you all for the rain and sun.
We need you too, so please don’t get sick.
‘Lingkod sa mo kadali, inom tubig ug e-feel ang hangin nga gihatag sa Ginoo.’
To our Cashiers/Pharmacist/ Security Guards:
please don’t forget to smile.
As a customer, we are very enlightened when we see you smiling.
‘Kaya nato ni, laban lang!’
To all food industry employees/farmers/Fishermen:
Sir/Maam, we are so grateful for you, taking steps going out of your house just for us to have food to eat.
‘Salamat kaayo. Sa inyong kagaho, ang Ginoo na mag reward’


To all OFWs/Working Overseas:
Sir/Maam, Mama/Papa, Ate/Kuya, Uncle/Auntie, Tito/Tita,
Your family misses you but their prayers are reaching you.
Being safe of where you are right now will bring relief to your family. Home is hope.
‘Sagdi lang, maayo nlng naa pay video chat. Makaya rani, mawala rani’
To everyone who’s working and can’t go home to their families:
Sir/Maam, we can do this with God. Let’s just be hopeful every day and see God in every way.
Home is soon.
‘tawag2x lang sa ta ani, kumusta2x para dili ta kapoyon ug trabaho ug maka wala sa kahadlok’


To all who are staying at home:

Sir/Maam, let’s not stop praying because our prayers can reach anyone anywhere esp. our family.
To all CoVid- 19 Patients:
Get well soon. Stand strong for Lord is in your side.
Please feel it.
P.S. I really don’t know how you feel right now but it is the Lord who let me write this simple letter to remind you that our Lord is our hope. It is not too late to call on His name, and it is not too late to read and reflect in His word.
It is the Lord who wants to reach on you. He just used me to give a single tap in your shoulder.






God got you, inspirational

Not too late 🙏

Dark cannot be together with the light,
But the light can overcome darkness.
The good cannot be together with bad,
But bad can be turned into good.
Choose only one.

And asking is it too late Lord?
Then, looking in the Bible ad His word is still there,
With love and hope.

Thus, you cannot serve two,
You have to choose only God or the other way.
But remember it is not too late,
Come near to Him and be amazed at how the Lord loves you.
And waiting for you.

(c) Photo from Pinterest

Devotion, God got you, inspirational


You are familiar with this word if you already watched the movie of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. In this movie, it is a magic spell or charm that Harry used when a Dementors (evil or darkness) would attacked him and it also illustrated as a magic light or can form any creatures that would fight against darkness.

Well, after I’ve watched the movie this word “Expecto Patronum” really sounds good into my ear and engraved down into my heart. Why? because when Harry explained, “Just remember the patronus will protect you as long as you are focus”.

On that time, there’s a thought that really came into my mind, “Just focus and turn on the light when you can only see is the darkness in your life”.

On the other hand, in times of trouble we forget to see the light because we focus on the problem, we keep on worrying, we keep sadness and sorrow drowns in and sometimes we keep on complaining. We choose to focus only the dark side and consciously by focusing on it, we are getting stressed and more depressed. Then, it will create a negative force. So, how can a light works if we keep on thinking those negative thoughts?, We keep the sadness and sorrow drowns into our heart?

Remember that the Patronus is comprised exclusively of positive feelings and cannot comprehend negative emotion. It is used to drive off darkness because once you are in sadness, anxiety or stress the Dementors (evil or darkness) will attack you easily and that’s how Patronus acts as shield of sorts as explained by Granger.

In addition, an article entitled The Patronus described the expecto patronum as a kind of positive force and it works something like a shield.

So, how can we conquer darkness if we drown our hearts with those negative emotions?

Furthermore, I have my own wand with a great power as Expecto Patronum.

Because I have my own battles too against darkness (pain, worry, sadness, etc.)

And my expecto patronum is JESUS CHRIST.



Jesus Christ is my light. He is my shield against darkness.

As similar with the expecto patronum , when it times of trouble need to focus only to HIM. In this past few weeks, I’ve encountered failure  because I did not focus onto His light. I’m just focusing in worries, troubles, sadness etc. All those negative thoughts really came into my mind.

But Thank God ,indeed His mercy is great than our sin. God is here always in my side (so to you too) His light never leaves behind my back. I did not see His lightness because I chose only the negative thoughts.

That’s how powerful my expect patronum is.


Lastly, expecto patronum is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor (evil or darkness). In order for it to work , you need to think of a memory. Not just a memory, a very happy memory, a very powerful memory. Allow to fill you up and let the expecto patronum reveals its power as reflects to your personality (The Patronus).

Moreover, my happy memory was how JESUS CHRIST captured my life and my heart (dated on July 12, 2015).

Therefore, Jesus is my light. He is my happy memory. He is my power. He is my shield. And He is my comforter when it comes with trouble. Hence, need to work more my salvation. And cultivate my faith to Him. Whatever the circumstances, need to stay focus on  HIM.



Added verse :

.Hearts of Human open before GOD.

Happy heart makes the face cheerful.

Cheerful heart has a continual feast.

Heart of the righteous studies how to answer.

Light of the eyes rejoices the heart.

and always remember,

that our hearts is the most important to GOD. (PSALM 19:14)”






God got you, Work

10-hour shift

Here I am again taking a 10-hour shift tonight,
Working night until morning.
It doesn’t bother me anyway,
Every single step I am taking every day going to work,
It’s already a risk.
But I am working with purpose,
and because our fellow men need more food to eat,
despite this crisis that the whole world is facing today,
I am doing my best to serve a world-class quality of bread,
still happy to serve you all.

God put me here,
Hang in there don’t panic food industry is still operating,
So, stay home and get healthy.
God is with us.


P.S. Gardenia, always bready to serve! #QualityAssurance


Your Story is Yours 📖

Your story is yours,
It is God’s thoughts of what’s is in your past,
Because God is driving to use it,
In order for you to be reconnected to Him.
We can write on it but still, we are gonna go back to what God wants,
Those bad sides and good sides of yours has a purpose,
No matter where you are,
You are His.
You cannot hide nor escape,
God is reaching you,
to embrace you and love you.

(c) Photo from Pinterest

family, God got you, inspirational

I wish too 🎠

Sometimes, I wish to go back to my childhood years,
But it’s very impossible.
Before when you’re hurt you just cry and call your mother,
But right now, you have to be with yourself deal the pain,
Stand up and move forward.

Moreover, I’m in adulting stage,
Starting to do some personal paper works,
My name and my signature is important,
Changing my family name soon,
Then a new journey starts.

This time is in fast forward not just forward but fast
No time of second thoughts, third thoughts but only needed is a sure thought.
As time goes by, my words change,
The way I am is changing too
My curiosity is not getting wider
And my I will become we.

Thus, we need to grow,
To move forward,
To face new journeys,
To give space and chance to the newbies.

(c) Photo from Pinterest.