My Silence and Solitude Experience

Before my retreat date arrived, God used the book that I’m currently reading to show me the words silence and solitude and surprisingly, also during Sunday online church.
And so, I’m curious about what God will gonna do for my upcoming retreat.

First, I arrived there where the weather was foggy and rainy.

Photo taken before I arrived at the venue.

As I evaluate my heart, it has a lot of questions, desires, and tiredness.

In this retreat, I am with some of the people with whom God allowed me to be involved since my college years.
During our college days together, we joined intercessions, united prayer meetings, kairos courses, etc.
And as years went by, we’re called to support each other ministry may it be in the field or as a sender.

On the first day of our retreat we’re instructed to be silent also in our rooms no talking unless the director will told us to talk. All of us was shocked! Of course, 3 days of no talking, Hehe.

During my second day, I appreciated the importance of reconnecting to nature.
And I asked God, can He search my heart? And He replied, can you seek Me first my child?
And I replied, Yes! God, I will.

For hours, I am under His presence. I allowed my self to savour the moment. The more my silence was longer, the more I heard His voice clearly.

This time, I appreciate the moment of silence. Even when I just wanted to walk in the field or listening to the birds, It’s already a prayer.

It’s my favorite place to talk to Him. Imagine I sit there and the Holy Spirit is by my side.

Yes, that was my experienced there and it was so amazing.

This was the top view from our room.

The more I savor the beauty of this flower.

The only bench were we could sit and think clearly.

A night before our last day, God told me to go to that field. He showed me to stand there and talk to Him.
On the last day of our retreat, a message shared by Pastor Clay was Genesis 22: 1-19.
So, after the message, I followed what God told me before my sleep, while I was in the field, I was just crying out of my depths to the depths of God.

And there, I offered my Isaac to God and set that free.

After that, I walked around that field and felt so at peace. I walked back to the entrance and as I checked my heart, I felt the peace and light also the place looked so shiny.

I underwent a spiritual direction with our director and His wife. Then, God told me that I have a big room now to nurture what He entrusted to me.
They celebrated with me because I am now in spiritual consolation. Yehey! to God be all the glory.

Holy Spirit did something that amazed me after my spiritual direction. And I kept it.

Also, Ate Joi gave a letter.

Yes! They are my ka- Silence Family.

Before our retreat ends, finally! we are allowed to talked.

All of us got given a chance to share our testimony. And what we discover? during in our silence we found a family.

All for the Glory of God!

As of now, I am continuing my silence in prayer and also, I am hearing His voice even more clearly.

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