For Keeps

I am sharing this photos with my co-workmates that turns to be my friends and best friends. I learn so much from them. I am so grateful to have them in my life. For keeps.

Tin, Leigh, Medy and Me
Kath, Kyra, Me,Medy, Kitty, Jam
at our farm, we experienced the sea of clouds. Me, Jam, Tin and Medy

Eat out.. My last day at work after working for almost 4 years. Sheila, Me, Sir Vince, Kath, Juna

Me and Shiela …unexpected friendship.

Me and Tin
Jam and Me
Maam Kitty, Me and Kyra

Kyra and Me

Shiela and Me

Me, Jam and Tin

More this 2022 🙂 ….

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