I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekah (favorite book)

“To the young woman I say, this is the moment in your life when he who is wooing you will be at his kindest. And if you do not see kindness in the man you are dating, beware! For the partnership you are looking for will be nourished and nurtured only on the basis of love that is not arrogant or prideful, but kind.
The first two clues to a godly marriage, parental counsel and the commitment of the will its flip side of kindness, “

  • Ravi Zacharias

I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekah (moving from romance to lasting love) written by: Ravi Zacharias.

I have had this book since 2017 and I didn’t finish reading it until this year, I intentionally told myself to read this book and finish it.
And by God’s grace, I’ve finished reading it. And my opinion about this book that now I understand why my previous relationships were failed. First, I wasn’t ready to be a wife. Second, I compromise a lot and third, I didn’t ask permission from my parents nor seek counsel, and most of all, I didn’t ask God.

Also, my mind and my heart opened to the reality of marriage. I thought before that marriage is just to walk down the aisle and to see the man standing waiting for you to arrive at the altar and forget the world.
I forgot the right process, I forgot my parents, my family, and my friends, even myself. I always choose shortcuts and because of that, I faced a lot of consequences and heartaches.
Thus, the unhealthy me will possibly have an unhealthy marriage.
Moreover, this book leads me to serve more God and to understand more His sovereignty. And to experience more of His grace and to be the woman that God wants me to be.
Then, as a single woman, I understand what does I Do mean and also, the risk of saying I Do if God is not in me and him.

Lastly, late Ravi shared also some of his marriage experiences together with his wife which I could say that there’s no perfect marriage but it will be stronger and lasting if it’s founded by God.

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