Cold Heart

Please put your right hand in your chest and feel the heart beat of your heart.

(lubdub lubdub lubdab) Did you feel it?

And I’ll ask you with this question.


You’re just the only one who knows what’s happening in to your heart. Physically it is healthy? or Emotionally it is heavy?

Your heart the most precious thing in God.

He do wants your heart. He do wants your emotions. He do wants all your love.

Faithfully, He will not hurt your heart but heal your heart.

Pains, hurt, negativity, heaviness, fear and etc. We do always feel that in our hearts but God is here. He wants to stay in our hearts and heal those pain, hurt, and cover the fears with trust.

He does not want that our heart may become cold and feel numb in every pain.

God is in here just to warm our hearts and beats. again normally.

Just remember this :
PROVERBS 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

Our heart is the source of life. It is the source of love and happiness. In addition, the source of Spirit, trust and faith unto Him and also in small things and in big things.

So, guard your hearts. Your life matters.

#BeGrateful #BeBlessed


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