“True Love is worth the risk – J. J.” 
We met each other in dating sites.   His from Aus and I came from Phils. It’s been 5 months that we talked to each. I like him by how he  captured my heart in the first place. He is a unique person by how his heart is amazing and how grateful and thoughtful he is. I love how gentle and respectful he is to me. By all of his, he has a physical disability called phocomelia and yes for the people who have never seen someone with no arms then his in a wheelchair because of the unsuccessful operation in his leg when his was a child. 

My heart blooms everyday by talking and knowing that we have a deeper relationship and deeper communication. Well, we consider ourselves as ” soul mates with strong connection”. 

So, we are in a long distance relationship. Talking everyday, video call everyday and sleep together like the video or voice call is on. I just love him. I love sleeping every night next to him cause he snores much. And I met his friends and family and of course, he mets my family and friends too through video call. Actually, it’s good meeting them though video call. Talking to them often I mean his friends and family but sadly, not my family. 

5 months is not easy. My family don’t want him for me. They didn’t  accept him because his disable and they’re very concern about what others will gonna say. 

They don’t support me. They don’t support us. They’re very angry at me. 

It makes my heart breaks so break. Knowing and thinking that my family don’t like him. 

It makes my heart so heavy and makes my tears keeps on falling.

His very strong inside. He keeps on supporting me. His very positive and still respects my family.


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