when my friend came to me, she let me saw the video of you with your friends.

And that’s where I saw you.

I saw you dance.

I saw you smile.

and I saw you laugh.

Then, I’d asked your name as my heart speaks with “Who is this man?”.

Well, I thank God for that moment because that was the time that I am sick and stressed then I saw you smile which my heart felt the butterfly flying. We’re I’ve felt likes I’m getting well ;D 😀 …

Then, unexpectedly, we became friends.

Friends that have a lot in common.

Friends who both loves coffee hot and cold.


Friends that who can keep secrets.

Friends that both have dogs named metot and nognog.

Friends that really worth keeping for.

Friends which is worth more than gold.

Friends that came unexpectedly.

and most of all, friends that loved to be a loner. 😀

well, I could write anything about this but I

just want to end it here because there’s a lot of time for this new friendship.

but oppppss! PLEASE DO SMILE ALWAYS. because YOU ARE SPECIAL AND TREASURED. #Blessings! 😀 😀


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