If you want to go fast, Go alone.

If you want to go far, Go together. – African Proverbs 


This phrase really says everything.

God said that, we are on His hand. He works and He moves.

We have to choose to go together with Him, not on any problems or anything on this world.

Let just find peace and joy and comfort on His hands.

therefore, as we walk in our daily lives. We should think on abiding only to His word.

As we walk with Him, He wants to change our identity day by day because we belong to Him.



Photo by: eBay.




2 thoughts on “Go Together

  1. Your message is “simply beautiful.”

    Here is one for you my sister, have a very blessed day!

    Only You Could See My Heart

    My heart’s spoken words
    danced upon my tongue
    When my lips gently spoke
    I love you so

    And the sweet happiness
    Lord, you alone bring
    Became a pleasant treasure
    I would never let go

    You embraced me while
    taking me at my word
    Realizing of my life You
    Became the best part

    When others believed
    I could not ever change
    Only you could see the
    Sincerity of my heart.

    God bless,


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