You are familiar with this word if you already watched the movie of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. In this movie, it is a magic spell or charm that Harry used when a Dementors (evil or darkness) would attacked him and it also illustrated as a magic light or can form any creatures that would fight against darkness.

Well, after I’ve watched the movie this word “Expecto Patronum” really sounds good into my ear and engraved down into my heart. Why? because when Harry explained, “Just remember the patronus will protect you as long as you are focus”.

On that time, there’s a thought that really came into my mind, “Just focus and turn on the light when you can only see is the darkness in your life”.

On the other hand, in times of trouble we forget to see the light because we focus on the problem, we keep on worrying, we keep sadness and sorrow drowns in and sometimes we keep on complaining. We choose to focus only the dark side and consciously by focusing on it, we are getting stressed and more depressed. Then, it will create a negative force. So, how can a light works if we keep on thinking those negative thoughts?, We keep the sadness and sorrow drowns into our heart?

Remember that the Patronus is comprised exclusively of positive feelings and cannot comprehend negative emotion. It is used to drive off darkness because once you are in sadness, anxiety or stress the Dementors (evil or darkness) will attack you easily and that’s how Patronus acts as shield of sorts as explained by Granger.

In addition, an article entitled The Patronus described the expecto patronum as a kind of positive force and it works something like a shield.

So, how can we conquer darkness if we drown our hearts with those negative emotions?

Furthermore, I have my own wand with a great power as Expecto Patronum.

Because I have my own battles too against darkness (pain, worry, sadness, etc.)

And my expecto patronum is JESUS CHRIST.



Jesus Christ is my light. He is my shield against darkness.

As similar with the expecto patronum , when it times of trouble need to focus only to HIM. In this past few weeks, I’ve encountered failure  because I did not focus onto His light. I’m just focusing in worries, troubles, sadness etc. All those negative thoughts really came into my mind.

But Thank God ,indeed His mercy is great than our sin. God is here always in my side (so to you too) His light never leaves behind my back. I did not see His lightness because I chose only the negative thoughts.

That’s how powerful my expect patronum is.


Lastly, expecto patronum is a kind of positive force, and for the wizard who can conjure one, it works something like a shield, with the Dementor (evil or darkness). In order for it to work , you need to think of a memory. Not just a memory, a very happy memory, a very powerful memory. Allow to fill you up and let the expecto patronum reveals its power as reflects to your personality (The Patronus).

Moreover, my happy memory was how JESUS CHRIST captured my life and my heart (dated on July 12, 2015).

Therefore, Jesus is my light. He is my happy memory. He is my power. He is my shield. And He is my comforter when it comes with trouble. Hence, need to work more my salvation. And cultivate my faith to Him. Whatever the circumstances, need to stay focus on  HIM.



Added verse :

.Hearts of Human open before GOD.

Happy heart makes the face cheerful.

Cheerful heart has a continual feast.

Heart of the righteous studies how to answer.

Light of the eyes rejoices the heart.

and always remember,

that our hearts is the most important to GOD. (PSALM 19:14)”







7 thoughts on “MY EXPECTO PATRONUM

  1. I love your message, as I am of that same nature, the nature of the Lord, keep sharing and moving forward my sister…God bless!

    A Prayer of Thanks

    Early this morning Lord as I awakened
    I heard the sound of your assuring words
    You told me when I would walk outside
    To always know my prayers were heard

    You told me that I could always rely
    On each of the promises you would give
    That not a spark of heavenly happiness
    From this new day would cease to live

    You told me that I had no need to fear
    No more reasons to ever be afraid
    No longer would I ever cry hurtful tears
    For all the wrongs have been cast away

    And at this moment I can always rest assured
    Whenever the darkness again might try to come
    That I will always be safe in your loving arms
    As the battle for your spirit is already won

    Wendell A. Brown,
    Love you always, my dear sister in Christ

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