Not all people who follow God are concern to what God is concern with. 

When we say commitment means a huge decision in life. Where you could put your money, life, effort, time and all you have in your life. 

Is it hard? , Is it hard to be committed to someone? 

It is hard if you are not willing.

In commitment , willingness of the heart is what really requires. 

As redeemed people of God, we are committed to His word. Right? We are committed to put in our hearts His words and apply it into our lives. 

To be more committed to God. 

Just consider two things.

1. Intimate Relationship

 We have relationship to God. He is our first love. Our relationship to Him must be cultivated everyday. It must be nurture. So that our commitment to Him will never be dry and will turns into nothing. 

Always remember that there’s no tiredness in the love of Christ. 

Once we decided to follow Him. It means No Retreat and No Surrender. If we want to commit then let us not hold on to those things that really a barriers in our walk with God. 

When we commit onto Him, let our words only Yes if Yes and No if No. 

There’s no need any promises because God is the only sovereign one who fulfills promises. 

Let us give more time with God. Let us priorities our relationship with Him.

2.Love Others

 Value People and value souls because God values them so much. Esp.those who did not yet hears God’s truth. 

Let us value them. 

Let us pray for them.

Let us see as what God sees them.

We are God witnesses of how powerful He is. That’s why we are redeemed in order to share God’s truth to them.

Let me give you this picture. Imagine your life before where you don’t have personal relationship with God yet. Is it hard right? Is it full of darkness , right?

Well, we are once lost and now we are saved so that through us , others also may be saved. 

Pursue God 

Pursue others

Pursue commitment

Pursue willingness

Pursue relationship

Pursue those things that will make God will reign on high. 🙂 


5 thoughts on “Put Value On Your Commitment

  1. Your message reminded me of this poem. You always make my day dear sister!

    Your Love Is My Faiths Reward
    You are more valuable than the
    Worlds most priceless treasure
    More abundant are Your works than
    Those who work for You…

    Your love knows
    no bounds.

    Your spirit holds back nothing
    From those who love and praise
    Your most holy name.

    You are a golden rose to the eye,
    Feather soft pillows to the touch
    And to the lips You are sweet honey
    Tasteful and such a delight to the
    Buds of my tongue

    To the Lost You are a friend,
    Who never forsakes anyone who
    Earnestly seeks You out

    To the Fatherless You are a beloved
    Father, wonderful in every way who
    Knows no bounds in Your charitable
    Blessings which are never-ending

    To the lonely You are a comforter,
    A strong sanctuary to the weak,
    As Your love is ever-increasing
    For those longing to find salvation.

    And to me You are love, the most real
    Of loves that human minds who do not
    Know You dream of possessing, yet You
    Freely give this great gift to all who ask

    The joy Your love brings is never-ending
    As it is poured daily into my heart, for
    You have rewarded my faith discerning
    The words from my heart are true as is
    The love which lives within for You is

    So true is my heart as I say
    I love You Lord with words of
    Sweet praise acknowledging Your
    Love is my faith’s reward.

    He is, and will always be our faiths reward
    Love you dear sister in Christ…God bless you and
    your family!

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