Here’s story that represents Believe and Trust.

There was a man who has a job in circus. His a walking man in the wire. When the show started , many audience was amazed when he started to walk in the wire from side to side estimated 50 meter horizontally and 100 meters vertically from the ground. The people was really amazed. They shout, they clap their hands but the man stop for a while and he asked to the audience ‘ Who wants to join me up here?’ 

People silent for awhile. And no one answered his question. No one but there was a woman who raised up her hands and said , ‘ Me, I wanna join you there’..

So the woman started to walk in the wire with that man. And all the people was in a mixed emotion. Their faced can’t picture out. 

Thus, the show ends and then the audience asked the woman, ‘ Are you afraid up there?’

Woman answered, ‘No, because I trust my husband’.
Wow! What A Big Word . TRUST. 

Trust is like risk. You risk but you’re  not afraid because you know that there is someone who is in you back and side. Holding you and guiding you.
On the other hand, We believe in God but we don’t trust Him all the time. Is that true?

‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding ‘ Proverbs 3:5

This scriptures says, we need to trust only God not our selves and not others.

Just rely on God not on others.

Just trust the pure word of God not the words of this world.
God has a lot of promises to us. One major is the promise of eternal life. Are we trusting Him with this free gift of life? Or doubting it?

God wants one thing  to us. He calls us into one thing. The Great Commission are we responding? Or walk out of the calling because we don’t trust Him?

Trusting Him means sacrificing.

Trusting Him means responding.

Trusting Him means going.

Trusting Him means obeying.

Let our hearts be the frontiers of trusting Him fully not doubting but rejoicing in His presence.

Always remember that TRUST is LOVE.


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