Dear Someone,

This is my prayer for you. And Hopefully in the Gods right time you will read this one.

Heavenly Father God, Your of Lords, Your the king of Kings. God, I humble myself in front of you just to pray for the man that you’ve already prepared for me. I pray for open eyes, heart and ears so that the enemy would not come near to him. God lead him to the right path that you’ve wanted him to walk with You. God guide him and protect him by Your Precious Blood. Wherever he is right now, God provide him with your strength. Give him with Your wisdom and understanding, and of course, financially. God please do protect his heart and please always remind him how much You loved him very  much.

I pray that he will praise You and worship You all the time. God even though he walks or whatever he is doing just watch over him everytime. God please do comfort him in the midst of trouble and pain. Always motivate him and remind him with Your first Love. Heavenly Father God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, You are our bridge soon when we meet in Your right time.

I pray also to his family that love, peace and joy will always be showered and Your name will be the center.

I sealed this prayer by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name Amen. ❤ ❤ ❤




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