Simple List To Have An Abundant Life

( Photo By Rev. david Corbitt )

  1. Put God First – In all things, let our God be the first. Seek Him first. Love Him First. Come to Him first. Call His name first. ( Matthew 6:33 )download-1 ( Photo by
  2. Obey Your Parents. – Learn to obey your parents because it is one of the commandments of GOD. 32c611ebcb0ed74b1ed3f438b5efa176 ( Photo by
  3. Be The Best As You Can– Always remember do everything To God. and strive for excellence for HIM. Do your best cause God will do the rest. 35b6a862b273ae9a3d433095290819e1 ( Photo by
  4. Love One Another– for this is the greatest commandment of GOD. Let the love shine always. GOD IS LOVE and YOU ARE LOVED. Feel the love, cause thatis why you are here.                                                                                                              acd97a368d8d2cd9d8d3a512c484af56 ( Photo by
  5. Share your Blessings.- For God loves the cheerful giver. Give what is your heart decide to give. and give what you only have.    monkimage ( Photo by

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