Salamat means Thank You

Heavenly Father God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit,

I am so thankful to you because you’ve caught me. You’ve loved me so much more than I could imagine. You are an amazing God. You are worthy to be praise. God thank you for taking me out of the dark side. You’ve saved me Lord. You’ve accepted me for who I am. You’ve never abandoned me. Thank you so much for the helped. Thank you so much for always being there. Even though I am not listening to You before but still You are here in my side stood still and never gives up. And now, I do understand why before I’ve experienced heart ached, pains, being lost and being down, because YOU have prepare something great life to me. You don’t want me to settle for anything less. You have had great purpose into my life. Lord, thank you so much for all of those great things. Thank You for the wonderful promises with eternal life. Lord, You’re always here in my heart. I am Yours my one and only true love God.


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