Ang kaibigan ay isang pinahabang simbolo na tinatawag nating TAHANAN.

READ: JOB 1 & 2

* Job’s three friends

‘ so they sat down with  him on the ground seven days and seven nights and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his grief was very great ‘ Job 2:13


When I read this verse a thought that came into my mind and that is FRIENDSHIP.

A TRUE FRIEND means they never talk to much  or don’t need so many advice in your life but a TRUE FRIEND is a listener, and willing to give her/his time . 

In friendship, there’s always love. A love that trust. A love that never easily yo give up. a love with honesty.  In addition, there’s always a communication in order to keep in touch.

But the best friend I ever had is Jesus Christ because He loved me at the first place even I am unfaithful to Him. I thank Jesus for always thinking of me, and for deserving me to be part of His mind and heart.

Thus, always remember that there’s no perfect friend in this world just True Friend  cause only Jesus Christ is our perfect friend because His greatest desire is to carry our burden and ease our pain. ( John 15:13 )


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