( GOD is LOVE )

What if the power of LOVE is not present?

Without LOVE, 
there’s no JESUS CHRIST
Without LOVE,
You will not be forgiven
Without LOVE,
You will not be redeemed
Without LOVe,
You will be saved
Without LOVE,
there’s no light.
Without LOVE, 
The Holy Spirit will not be our helper.
Without LOVE,
there’s no eternal life.
Without LOVE,
there’s no joy, peace, kindness, gentleness and mercy.
Without LOVE,
You will not know that you are special, valued and worth it. 
Without LOVE,
You does not know the LORD
Without LOVE,
whatever your gifts or you do it will not be counter in the eyes of our Lord.

( replace the word LOVE into 

so, LOVE is important… the BLOOD of Jesus Christ is precious because it flows with true love. HEART ,because of the love of Jesus Christ to us His heart exploded in order to us to feel the true love.

let’s spread the LOVE and of course mismo sa sarili natin e.activate natin palagi ang LOVE ng Panginoon sa atin at kahit saan pa tayo pamunta or kahit anon mga salita na ang narinig natin babalik at babalik din tayo sa isang salitang LOVE, which is GOD ( eternal life ) 
God is our great founder and Love is the great foundation.



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